FILCHEV, Lachezar Hristov
(Family name, First Name, Second name)


Office Address: bl.1, Acad. G. Bonchev St.,
Sofia 1113, Bulgaria


Phone: (+359 2) 979 24 11


Fax: (+359 2) 988 35 03





Main Fields of Scientific Research (keywords):

Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Field Spectrometry, Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Landscape Ecology, Environmental Management, Cartography, Geodatabases



  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), ‘Remote sensing of the Earth and planets’, (2007-2012) - Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS),

·         Environmental Management D.S.P.U (Postgraduate Diploma), (2007-2008) - Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICh)

·         Applied Computer Science (Specialist), (2004-2006) - Centre for Education Services (CES) at Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski

  • Physical geography and landscape ecology’ (M.Sc.), (2004-2006) - Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Geology-Geography Faculty
  • Geography’ (B.Sc.), (2000-2004) - Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski, Geology-Geography Faculty
  • Undergraduate with profile ‘Geography’, (1995-2000) - National High School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences "Acad. Lyubomir Chakalov"


Work Experience

  • Head of Department. Space Research and Technology Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS), 03.2019-until now;
  • Associate Professor. Space Research and Technology Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS), 24.06.2014-until now;
  • Chief Assistant. Space Research and Technology Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS), 06.2010-24.06.2014;
  • Research Fellow III rank. Space Research Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRI-BAS),  02.04.2007-06.2010;
  • Cartographer. Space Research Institute – BAS (SRI-BAS), , 02.10.2006-02.04.2007;
  • Digitalization of physical blocks. Soil Resource Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, 11.06.2006-22.07.2006;
  • Teacher in Informatics and Information Technologies (IIT). 29th Secondary Comprehensive School Kouzman Shapkarev, 13.08.2005-30.06.2006;
  • Teacher in Geography. 7th Secondary Comprehensive School Sveti Sedmochislenici, 11.10.2004-30.07.2005.



Scientific Activity


Participation in projects (in the last 5 years)

1.     Developing Mobile Application for Satellite Support of the Common Agricultural Policy (Mobi4CAP), 2020–2021. Contract No 4000129306/19/NL/SC between SRTI-BAS and European Space Agency (ESA) within PECS (ESA-PECS). Project Manager: Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Filchev, Ph.D.; Project Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Petar Dimitrov, Ph.D.. (URL:

2.     EEOBSS: Education in Earth observation for Bulgarian secondary schools. Contract No 4000117592/16/NL/NDe under the ESA-PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States). 2016–2018. Project Officer: Assoc. Prof. Lachezar Filchev, Ph.D. (URL:

3.     Testing Sentinel-2 vegetation indices for the assessment of the state of winter crops in Bulgaria (TS2AgroBg). Contract No (4000117474/16/NL/NDe) under the ESA-PECS (Plan for European Cooperating States). 2016–2018. Project Officer: Assoc. Prof. Petar Dimitrov, Ph.D. (URL:

4.     Studying Coniferous Forests' Characteristics with Radarsat-2 Data in Bulgaria. Project ID 16788, ESA Category-1 SEOM. 2014–2016. Principal Investigator (PI): Assoc. Prof. Dr. Lachezar Filchev.

5.     Information Complex for Aerospace Monitoring of the Environment (ICASME). 2013-2015. Grant Contract BG161PO003-1.2.04-0053-C0001, under OP Development of the Competitiveness of the Bulgarian Economy 2007-2013, procedure BG161PO003-1.2.04 Development of Applied Studies in Bulgarian Research Organizations, European Regional Development Fund. Project Leader: Prof. DSc. P. Getzov.  Project Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Eugenia Roumenina. (URL:

6.     Crop Monitoring using PROBA-V 100 m S10 products on Zlatia test site – Bulgaria. SRTI-BAS–VITO, 2014. Principal Investigator (PI): Prof. Dr. Eugenia Roumånina.

7.     European Metrology for Earth Observation and Climate (MetEOC). EMRP-EURANET-EU, 2014. Task: Acquisition of leaf spectro-directional scattering data with Portable HYperspectral Transmission and Optical Scattering (PHYTOS) goniometer for a web-database (



Publications (in the last 5 years)

1        Filchev, L., Pashova, L., Kolev, V., & Frye, S. (2020). Surveys, Catalogues, Databases/Archives, and State-of-the-Art Methods for Geoscience Data Processing. // In Knowledge Discovery in Big Data from Astronomy and Earth Observation, pp. 103136. Elsevier, ISBN 978-0-12-819154-5. DOI:10.1016/B978-0-12-819154-5.00016-3 (Date online: 17.04.2020).

2        Dimitrov, P., Dong, Q., Eerens, H., Gikov, A., Filchev, L., Roumenina, E., & Jelev, G. (2019) Sub-Pixel Crop Type Classification Using PROBA-V 100 m NDVI Time Series and Reference Data from Sentinel-2 Classifications. // Remote Sens. 2019, 11, 1370. Published by: MDPI, ISSN: 2072-4292, DOI:10.3390/rs11111370

3        Filchev, L., Pashova, L., Kolev, V., & Frye, S. (2018). Challenges and Solutions for Utilizing Earth Observations in the "Big Data" Era. // In: BigSkyEarth conference: AstroGeoInformatics, Tenerife, Spain, December 17-19, 2018, pp. 16. Zenodo, DOI:10.5281/zenodo.2391936

4        Manakos, I., Tomaszewska, M., Gkinis, I., Brovkina, O., Filchev, L., Genc, L., ... & Jelev, G. (2018). Comparison of Global and Continental Land Cover Products for Selected Study Areas in South Central and Eastern European Region. // Remote Sensing, 10(12), 1967. MDPI, ISSN: 2072-4292, DOI:10.3390/rs10121967

5        Ilieva, M., Filchev, L., & Pashova, L. (2018). Preliminary Analysis of Copernicus Data for Natural Hazards Monitoring of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coastal Zone. // In: Proceedings, 7th International Conference on Cartography and GIS (ICCGIS), 18-23 June 2018, Sozopol, Bulgaria, Eds: Bandrova T., Konečný M., 1-2, 7, Publisher: Bulgarian Cartographic Association, 2018, ISSN: 1314-0604, pp. 384–392. URL: 7_ICCGIS_2018_PROCEEDINGS_Low_Quality.pdf

6        Kounchev, O., Pashova, L., Filchev, L., Kalaglarski, D., Craciunescu, V., Galabov, V., Peneva, E., Ilieva, M., Srebrov, B., & Bibov, Z. (2018). SatWebMare Products and Services in Support of the Sustainable Management of the Bulgarian Coastal Zone. // In: 14th International Conference on Marine Sciences and Technologies, "Black Sea 2018", 10-12 October 2018, ÈÎ-ÁÀÍ, 2018, ISSN: 1314-0957, pp. 251–255.  DOI:10.7546/IO.BAS.2018.3

7        Yanev, I., & Filchev, L. (2017). Assessment of the land surface temperature dynamics in the city of Sofia using Landsat satellite data. // Aerospace research in Bulgaria, 29, pp. 45–71. Publisher: SRTI-BAS, p-ISSN 1313-0927 / e-ISSN 2367-9522. DOI:10.7546/AeReBu.  

8        Kamenova, I., Filchev, L., & Ilieva, I. (2017). Review of spectral vegetation indices and methods for estimation of crop biophysical variables. // Aerospace research in Bulgaria, 29, pp. 72–82. Publisher: SRTI-BAS, p-ISSN 1313-0927 / e-ISSN 2367-9522. DOI:10.7546/AeReBu.  

9        Yanev, I., & L. Filchev. (2016). A comparative analysis between MODIS LST Level-3 product and in-situ temperature data for estimation of urban heat island of Sofia. // Aerospace Research in Bulgaria, Vol. 28, pp. 77–92. Publisher: SRTI-BAS, ISSN 1313-0927. (URL: (Date online: 20.12.2016)

10     Filchev, L., (2015). Land-use/land-cover change of Bistrishko Branishte biosphere reserve using Sentinel-2 simulated data. // Aerospace Research in Bulgaria, No 27, pp. 5465. Publisher: Space and Research and Technology Institute – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS). ISSN 1313-0927. (URL: (Date online: 20.12.2015)

11     Roumenina, E., Atzberger, C., Vassilev, V., Dimitrov, P., Kamenova, I., Banov, M., L. Filchev & Jelev, G. (2015). Single-and Multi-Date Crop Identification Using PROBA-V 100 and 300 m S1 Products on Zlatia Test Site, Bulgaria. // Remote Sensing, Vol. 7, No 10, pp. 1384313862. DOI: 10.3390/rs71013843

12     Manakos, I., K. Chatzopoulos-Vouzoglanis, Z. I. Petrou, L. Filchev, & A. Apostolakis. (2014). Globalland30 Mapping Capacity of Land Surface Water in Thessaly, Greece. // Land, 4(1), pp. 1–18. Publisher: MDPI, e-ISSN 2073-445X. DOI: 10.3390/land4010001 (Date online: 23.12.2014).

13     Filchev, L., (2014). Hyperspectral Satellite Earth Observation Missions - A Review. // Aerospace Research in Bulgaria, No 26, pp. 191–206. Publisher: Space Research and Technology Institute–Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (SRTI-BAS), ISSN 1313-0927. (URL: arhiv/n%2026/Articles/10.pdf)

14     Roumenina, E., P. Dimitrov, L. Filchev, & G. Jelev. (2014). Validation of MERIS LAI and FAPAR Products for Winter Wheat-Sown Test Fields in North-East Bulgaria. // International Journal of Remote Sensing, 35(13), pp. 3859–74. Taylor & Francis, p-ISSN: 0143-1161/e-ISSN: 1366-5901, DOI:10.1080/01431161.2014.919681 (Published online: 30.05.2014)


Membership in Scientific and Professional Institutions, Bodies, and Organizations

  • European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories (EARSeL) - National representative at EARSeL Council (2012 – 2015), group membership - 2009 →
  • International Geographic Union, Committee for Land-Use Cover Change (IGU-LUCC), individual membership - 2014 →
  • Copernicus User Forum – deputy of the national representative - 2015 →
  • GEO – national representative at GEO HLWG (High Level Working Group) - 2017 →


Editorial board memberships

·         Cogent Geoscience (Cogent) – Editorial board member - 2015 →

·         European Journal of Remote Sensing (Taylor and Francis) – Editorial board member - 2016 →

  • Aerospace Research in Bulgaria (SRTI-BAS) – English language editor - 2015 →
  • Remote Sensing of Land (Gatha Cognition) – Editorial board member - 2017 →



  • Publons Peer Review Award 2019 – Environment / Ecology | Publons (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Publons Peer Review Award 2019 – Cross-field | Publons (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Publons Peer Review Award 2018 – Environment / Ecology | Publons (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Publons Peer Review Award 2017 – Earth and Planetary Sciences | Publons (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Publons Peer Review Award 2017 – Environmental Science | Publons (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Certified Sentinel of Science Award Recipient 2016 – The Top 10 Percent of Reviewers | Publons (Clarivate Analytics)
  • Prof. Marin Drinov young scientist award, section "Astronomy, Space Research and Technologies", 2013 | Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)
  • Goetz Instrument Support Program (GISP) award, 2011 | ASD Inc. (PANalytical) and the Geosciences and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS)
  • Berndt-Artin Wessels Award for distinction, 2003 | Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"