GANEVA-KIRYAKOVA, Dessislava Gancheva

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Office address: Acad. G. Bonchev St., bl.1,

                         Sofia 1113, Bulgaria


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PhD candidate in Remote Sensing at Space Research and Technology Institute Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria, expected thesis defence in 2020

Thesis Title: Assessment of rapeseed crops condition in Northeast Bulgaria through satellite and terrestrial data

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Georgi Jelev, PhD


2015: Master of Science in GIS & remote sensing, University of Southampton, UK

1994: Master of Engineering in Telecommunications, Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Télécommunications in Paris, France

1992: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Université Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6, France





Ganeva D. and Roumenina E. 2019. . Poster at the Fifteenth Scientific Conference with International Participation SPACE, ECOLOGY, SAFETY (SES2019), 6-8 November 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria; ISSN: 2603-3313


Ganeva D., Roumenina E., Jelev G., Banov M., Krasteva V., Kolchakov V. 2019. Applicability of parametric and nonparametric regression models for retrieval of crop canopy parameters for winter rapeseed and wheat crops using Sentinel-2 multispectral data. Proc. SPIE, 11174, 2019, DOI:10.1117/12.2533651


Ganeva D. and Rumenina E. 2018. Remote estimation of crop canopy parameters by statistical regression algorithms for winter rapeseed using Sentinel-2 multispectral images. Aerospace Research in Bulgaria, 30, Space Research Technology Institute - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, 2018, ISSN:1313-0927, DOI:10.3897/arb.v30.e07, 75-95


Ganeva D. 2018. Semiautomatic retrieval of biomass based on Vegetation Index optimization and machine learning methods for winter rapeseed crops. Fourteenth Scientific Conference with International Participation SPACE, ECOLOGY, SAFETY (SES2018), 7-9 November 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria; ISSN: 2603-3313


Ganeva D. 2018, Rapeseed crops flowering duration estimation by RGB images acquired by consumer drone: a tool for ground-truthing. Proc. SPIE 10773, Sixth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy2018); doi: 10.1117/12.2326149


Ganeva D. 2017. Remote Estimation of the flowering stage duration for winter rapeseed crop. Poster at Thirteenth Scientific Conference with International Participation SPACE, ECOLOGY, SAFETY (SES2017), 2-4 November 2017, Sofia, Bulgaria; ISSN: 1313-3888


Ganeva D.  2017. Monitoring of winter rapeseed crops in Northeast Bulgaria through satellite and terrestrial data. Poster at the 7th Advanced Training Course On Land Remote Sensing, 49 September 2017, Szent István University, Gödöllő, Hungary


Ganeva D.  2015. Modelling the ecological niche of macrophythobenthos species along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Conference Proc. Eleventh Scientific Conference with International Participation SPACE, ECOLOGY, SAFETY (SES2015), 4-6 November 2015, Sofia, Bulgaria; ISSN: 1313-3888




Research Grant Award ( -17-43/26.07.2017), Program for Supporting Young Scientists and PhD Students 2017 from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences with the collaboration of Prof. Roumenina E.

Title: Remote Sensing monitoring of rapeseed crops in Northeast Bulgaria.

Period: 08.2017 01.2019.

Aim: The study aims to develop a methodology for assessing the condition of winter rapeseed (Brassica napus) crops based on experimental studies, theoretical analyzes and satellite data from Sentinel-2 mission. It is based on the hypothesis that there is a correlation between, satellite vegetation index images and phenological, biometric and physiological indicators of winter rapeseed crops. The existence of such a dependency makes it possible to propose a methodology for assessing the condition of winter rapeseed crops only by land remote sensing methods and to avoid labor-intensive classical methods and therefore to be able to monitor rapeseed crops on a regional and national level. The results of the survey will help improve farming practices in winter rapeseed




Partner: Corteva-Agriscience

Title: Assess the functionalities of products that help farmers for precision agriculture and their acceptance by farmers in Northeast Bulgaria.

Period: 07.2019 08.2019

Aim: Over 20 flights were performed with the drone DJI Phantom 3 Advanced, equipped with RGB and NIR digital cameras, owned by Pioneer Bulgaria over corn and sunflower fields. Determination of the capabilities of Presentation of the results to farmers from Northeast Bulgaria and evaluation of their acceptance of the results.


Partner: Corteva-Agriscience

Title:  Application of Remote Sensing Methods and Geographic Information Systems in the Field of Precise Agriculture

Period: 03.2019 07.2019

Aim: The aim of this project is to apply the state-of-the-art technics in remote sensing for retrieval of agronomical and biophysical parameters such as plant density, plant height, biomass, leave chlorophyll content. The focus was given to the application of UAV and multispectral cameras. Further research was to monitor the effect of herbicide, pesticide and drought on different hybrids of sunflower and corn. Several field campaigns were carried. Multiple data and image processing were executed, including classical and patent protected classification techniques and machine learning regression algorithms. Multiple functional maps were produced to be used by the farmers.


Partner: Pioneer Bulgaria.

Title: UAV remote sensing monitoring of sunflower, corn and rapeseed 

Period: 03.2017-06.2018

Aim: Training for the use of the drone DJI Phantom 3 Advanced UAV equipped with RGB and NIR digital camera, property of Pioneer Bulgaria. Evaluation of Vegetation Indices from the images from the drone and Sentinel-2 for detection of change of vegetation status in sunflower, corn and rapeseed test fields of Pioneer Bulgaria in North East Bulgaria


Partner: Black Sea Basin Directorate Varna

Title: Modelling the ecological niche of macrophythobenthos species along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast

Period: 09.2014-05.2015

Aim: This work is part of the effort to build statistically sound marine monitoring network to support the implementation of Article 11 (coordinated monitoring programmes) of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in Bulgaria for the period 2014-2018. It is known that the existing monitoring is insufficient to meet the requirements of MSFD. A statistically sound sampling strategy is needed to provide adequate data for environmental status assessment. The first step in order to build a marine monitoring network is to develop an ecological niche model (ENM) of each ecosystem of the region. Because of the nature of the available field data, a presence-only ENM was selected and Maxent modelling tool was chosen. A Maxent model of Cystoseira barbata (brown algae) was developed and instructions are provided in order to develop an ENM for the rest of the ecosystems. The environment predictor variables used to develop the Maxent model are existing monitoring information combined with satellite-derived information




2019: Most successful project from the Program for Supporting Young Scientists and PhD Students 2017 from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.


2019: Award from the competition My Thesis in 360 minutes organized by Agence universitaire de la Francophonie.


2019: 41 young Bulgarian researchers received awards for their achievements, interview at BTV in the TV show This Saturday and Sunday.



2015 2016: KAN OOD (, Varna, Bulgaria

Position: Precision Agriculture GIS engineer.

Tasks: Assessment and development of services for precision agriculture based on remote sensing, primarily for wheat, corn and sunflower


2014 - 2015: Artelia EOOD (, Varna, Bulgaria

Project: South Stream Offshore Pipeline Bulgarian Sector

Client: South Stream Transport B.V.

Position: Permitting support engineer

Tasks: Coordination of water body permits, detailed development plan, temporary laydown area and temporary access road, land acquisition and land easement procedures, construction permits


Project: Pre-Environmental, Health and Social Impact Assessment for Block 1-21 Han Asparuh (Black Sea) Exploration Well Drilling

Client: Total E&P Bulgaria B.V.

Position: GIS engineer

Tasks: GIS mapping which includes data collection, map digitalisation and geo-referencing, map production


2006 2013: KAN OOD (, Varna, Bulgaria

Position: Wind farm development and GIS engineer.

Tasks: Assessment of the suitability of new wind farm sites suggested for development, using wind energy analysis models (EMD WindPro2.7, RISOE WAsP8) and GIS (ArcMap)


2000 2005: aXigate (, Paris, France

Co-founder and marketing/project manager of aXigate. aXigate is an information system for medical electronic patient record


1995 1999: GE Healthcare (, Paris, France

Software and IT engineer. Developed software for viewing and treatment of medical images in C++/Unix (AW Workstation)